How to Transition from Middle School to High School: Tips from a High School Freshman

Welcome to High School! You’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever and now it’s finally here. You’ve endured the challenges and changes that came with middle school. Now you’re ready to conquer high school. I've put together a few tips for you that helped me to be successful during my freshman year of high school.

Tip 1: Remember to Stay Focused! Your GPA Will Thank You For It!

Staying focused in school is very important to your success in high school. Your 9th grade year is one of the most important years because that's when your GPA (Grade Point Average) starts and will be affected if you are not focused. Once your GPA starts it will be really hard to bring it back up if you slack off during your freshman year. Your GPA will determine what college you get accepted into and how many scholarships you are offered.


Planning is a skill that everyone should acquire. One way to help you plan is to get a planner. It's important to have a planner to help you stay organized. It will also help you get caught up on your homework and any events that you plan to attend. Balancing school work, extra curricular activities, and family life can be difficult. Accessing tools to help your balance all of those things can be very beneficial. Don’t like planners? Use your smartphone or an online calendar to help you quickly organize your life.

Tip 3: Choose your friends WISELY!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”? This is a very true statement. I’m not saying that you have to be just like your friends. It is important to be yourself. However, you want to choose the right friends because your friends will either make or break you. If your friends are focused on their school work, respectful, motivated, and challenge themselves they will encourage you to do the same. If your friends lack focus, skip class, have no ambition or goals, you will eventually do the same. Choosing your friends wisely will make your high school experience so much more fun and memorable.

Tip 4: Attendance is EVERYTHING!

I saw this meme once that said you go to school, nothing happens. You miss school one day and there are six fights, Tupac came back, the school had a blackout and Beyonce performed in the cafeteria during lunch. While that is a bit extreme, missing school is a not a good idea because you do miss a lot of work and important information. Consider the fact that you go multiple classes a day and the next day you go to a different set of classes, causing you to miss out on two days of coursework. In order to graduate high school on time you have to satisfy the required minutes in each course.

Tip 5: Goal Setting

Setting goals for your high school education is important because it allows you to stay focused and have something to look forward to. Many people set goals but do not follow through because they did not have a plan of action. If you want to accomplish your goals, WRITE THEM DOWN! Creating a SMART goal and determining a plan of action will make you more likely to follow through and actually accomplish your goals. Come up with a short term goal first. A short term goal could be something as simple as by the end of the fall semester I want to master equations. Once you’ve been able to accomplish a short term goal, create a long term goal. A long term goal could be I want to attend Sam Houston State University. Creating goals for yourself will allow you to be more successful in high school and motivate you along the way. Check out goal setting template by clicking on the photo below.


Destiny Hillard is a 9th grade student from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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