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Many teens think they are supposed to have everything figured out by their senior year. However, adults don't even have themselves figured out. Life is a constant cycle of learning and finding yourself. The hardest part is finding something that you are deeply passionate about. The best way to do this is to try a little bit of everything while you still can. When you are young, there are tons of resources and ways for you to test the waters.

Sit and think of all the careers you dreamed of having from elementary school to now. I bet as you're thinking, you are wondering why you ever wanted to do that. However, think of all the ideas you have now! They could change years from now, months from now or even tomorrow!

1. Try it out.

The only way to really know what you want to do for the rest of your life is to jump in and try it out. If you want to be a teacher, try shadowing one of your favorite teachers or interviewing them about the job. If you want to be a photographer, take pictures of EVERYTHING even if it has no meaning to you. Try to see if there are some classes or workshops for whatever it is that you are interested in. The more you can learn about your interests and be hands on, the clearer it will be to you how much you enjoy it. Things seem wonderful from a distance, but it is a completely different feeling when it becomes apart of your daily routine.

2. Learn about it!

Learn all of the good things and the bad things. This will help you distinguish if the good can weigh out the bad or not.

3. Pay attention to yourself.

Pay attention to how you feel while you are doing something or being taught how to do it. Make sure you listen to yourself! Do not stick with something that gives you the slightest bit of doubt and discomfort. Trust your instincts and listen to yourself.

You won't always find your passion right away. This can be a lifelong process because you are always changing. Therefore, don't get frustrated when it seems like you aren't getting anywhere. Someone once told me, "don't think that you aren't progressing or getting anywhere. The fact that you recognize this and you are at least trying to figure it out means that you are ahead of the game. You progress in different ways."

Keep trying and keep figuring out who you really are. Don't look for things based off of what others expect of you and how they perceive you. This time in your life is when you need to be as selfish about your happiness as possible. Never stop finding yourself, and enjoy every step of your journey!


Ashleigh Hayman is is a sophomore at Alabama State University. One day, I want to tell my story by writing a book, but first, I want the world to follow my journey by actually seeing it. It is one thing to tell your story, but it is another to let them really see you. If there is one thing I can tell young girls, it would be what my great grandma has always told me and I still follow it now, “Never stop finding yourself. Trust Your Journey no matter what it may be or how hard things may seem.” more about Ashleigh on the Meet Our Blog Writers page.

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