Meet Our Teen Leaders


Meet Ericka! Ericka is one of our high school teen leaders. We choose Ericka to be one of our teen leaders because of her ability to step out of her comfort zone and empower other girls around her. Ericka is a role model for young girls because she continued to persevere even when it was hard. She overcame low self esteem of her body figure. "It has made me stronger because I no longer feel left out when I'm with a group of girls. Ericka's favorite quote is "The empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description by Steve Maraboli. One of Ericka's future goals is to graduate from medical school and become either a general surgeon or a veterinarian. 


Meet Niyah. Niyah is one of her school district's student of the year. He district has over 50 school and services thousands of students. Niyah was 1 of 50 students chosen. That speaks a lot to her character and ability to lead. As a young child Niyah and her family moved from place to place and that became the norm for Niyah. Though it proved to be an obstacle in her life it made her study hard so that she wouldn't have to repeat a grade. She is one of the smartest students in her class. Niyah's favorite quote is "I am a girl, I am smart and I can do anything". One of Niyah's goals is to pursue a career in Criminal Justice and become a crime scene investigator.


Meet Cardarreya. Cardarreya was chosen as a teen leader because she is a natural born leader. She serves her community and helps others at school feel important and loved. Earlier this year she was able to participate in a fundraiser that supported Autism awareness. Cardarreya knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles. She overcame being bullied and decided to focus on planning for her future and being the best person that she can be. Her favorite quote is "power isn't given to you, you have to take it". One of her goals is to go to medical school and become a surgeon.

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Meet Karlene! Karlene is a teen leader with GIRLS and the Letters We Write Project. Karlene was chosen as a teen leader because of her strength and warm spirit. Karlene is an advocate for community service and volunteers to help raise money with the salvation army for underprivileged children. She moved to America learning to fit in wasn't easy. However Karlene realized that staying true was the best way to help others who were just like her. Karlene's favorite quote is "She believed she could, so she did" and "There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise." One of Karlene's goals is to graduate college and become an occupational therapist or software developer.


Meet Trinity. Trinity was chosen as a teen leader because of her pure heart for other people. Trinity continues to be a light for her friends and her daily presence in their lives motivates them. Trinity is dedicated to her education and makes that her number one priority. Trinity has also overcome many obstacles. After the death of her father, Trinity found it hard to focus and things that used to seem easy became difficult without her father. As time has passed Trinity has healed and is on the path to greatness just like her day would have wanted. She is more confident and strong because she knows that he is looking down on her and is proud to have her as his daughter. Trinity's favorite quote is "she believed she could, so she did". Trinity's goal is to be an entrepreneur and work with some of the most powerful companies in the world. 

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