Who Are We?

GIRLS and the Letters We Write Project is an organization that caters to young girls ages 13-18. We are an organization that focuses on allowing young girls to be creative, take part in community service, plan for their future, and empower each other. By providing a safe space that allows young girls to step out of their comfort zone, help those who are less fortunate, show them they are capable of doing great things, and giving them the platform to do so, we are able to see a change in the youth and their heart for each other and for their community.    

Our Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of GIRLS and the Letters We Write Project is to help young girls reach their dreams and accomplish every goal set for their life all while serving their community, empowering other girls, promoting a healthy lifestyle and making education a number one priority.

The vision of GIRLS and the Letters We Write Project is to graduate strong, independent young women who are ready to embrace the world and all that it has to offer.